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How to Manage Your Brand for Success at Work Right Now

Don’t wait until things “go back to normal” to think about your career growth. If you spent time and energy thinking about your career before the pandemic hit, now is not the time to press pause. Here are a few simple things you can do (from home) to make sure you’re future proofing your personal brand, even if you’re just trying to get through another day.

Steal my favorite secrets to managing my brand and living a life that I love.


“What if’s” holding you back? Read this post.

I’m afraid to define my brand, what if I want to change it? I often hear versions of this concern from my clients. They are hesitant to define their brand because they are worried, they will be trapped by their own definitions. What if I position myself as a thought leader in one thing, only to change my mind down the road? Regardless of … Read More “What if’s” holding you back? Read this post.


Women you want to know ~ my conversation with global beauty guru Juliana Rochelle

BE YOU. Be true to who you are. That’s your power. Period. Read more from my interview with global beauty guru Juliana Figeurierdo.


The one piece of career advice I’d give my younger self

My years of experience have boiled down to this one piece of career advice…don’t take things so seriously.

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