Image is everything in today’s dynamic world. Businesses who clearly communicate their value and safeguard their brands succeed. Those who flounder are forgotten.

Communicating clearly and with impact can be challenging for even the most seasoned business leaders. Doing so effectively when the stakes are high can feel like performing a tight rope act with the world watching.
I know that crafting honest messaging that keeps your brand and business intact requires an ability to quickly understand your business and its’ risks, the sensitivity to empathize with key audiences without pandering, as well as the skill to quickly train leaders on the nuances of sensitive communications.

I am a communications consultant with a passion for problem solving, strategic communications and creative storytelling.

I know how to manage your message during a business crisis as well as elevate your message for a new product launch or rebrand. I thrive under pressure and make it my mission to serve as the trusted council you’ll want to keep on your team.
Brand building and brand protection are my passions, and I love to work with professionals from diverse industries and organizations who share my belief that effective communication strategies have the power to build – or break – a business in today’s dynamic landscape.

Work With Me

Whether you’re a business leader looking for outside services or an entrepreneur who doesn’t know where to start, I’m here to help.
I’m currently accepting inquiries for hourly consults and long-term advisory services.
Interested in learning more? Contact me.

“Done for You” Brand Packages

I offer consulting packages to help you build, manage, and protect your brand. Let me do the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business.

Event Response and Crisis Communications Strategy

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken many businesses by surprise, but small businesses and service-based businesses will be the most hard hit by a lasting pandemic. Amidst this growing economic certainty no business, regardless of its size, can afford to be caught unprepared. I am offering a “done for you” crisis communications event response package so that business owners can focus on managing their business while resting assured that they are prepared for the worst.  

This service package includes:

  • A critical scenario review to ensure you have the right systems and messaging in place when an interruption in your business occurs
  • A customized, strategic event management framework that supports your business needs and ensures that you are clearly and effectively communicating with your key audiences while minimizing the risk to your brand
  • Prepared messages for customers, employees, and other key stakeholders ready to send via all of your communications channels when time is of the essence

Package add-on’s include:

• Media or messaging training for business owners, spokespeople, or customer-facing employees
• Event response simulation and training (done virtually)
• Management of a crisis communications or reputational event

Strategic Brand Marketing

The ease in which anyone can do business and market themselves online is becoming a marketing challenge for many business owners. How can you make sure that your message is connecting with your target customers when they are bombarded by messages and offers daily? To succeed in this crowded marketing landscape, it’s critical that you have an intentional marketing plan that clearly aligns your brand efforts with your business goals. At the core of this plan must be a clear understanding of your ideal customers and an intentional effort to create focused messages that quickly convert leads to customers.  

These services are designed to help business owners launch or grow their business. It includes:

  • A competitive market assessment
  • Ideal customer profiles
  • Clear and engaging messaging designed to connect with your ideal clients
  • A strategic plan that aligns your business goals with your brand marketing

Package add-on’s include:

  • Marketing plan implementation, including new product or business launches or event specific marketing needs
  • Brand message or marketing program training for key stakeholders (recruiters, sales teams, etc.)
  • “Done for you” content marketing or social media vaults designed to help you stay focused on running your business

Communications Training and Personal Branding for Business Leaders

The success of your business depends on the ability of your executives and public-facing employees to effectively communicate your message and manage their individual brands. Investing in personal branding and communications training for business leaders and spokespeople is a cost-efficient and pain-free way to mitigate the risk to your brand and business.

Personal branding services include:

  • Communications training, including media training, brand message training, and general communications skills training to help executives confidently and effectively communicate in any situation.
  • Personal branding strategies based on my unique 6 Pillars of Personal Branding framework designed to help you define your unique value proposition, understand your audience, enhance your image, improve your communication skills, manage your behavior/reputation, and create a strategic digital footprint.

Contact me to learn more.

The Personal Brand Project: How to Uncover Your Purpose, Achieve Your Goals, and Communicate with Confidence

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, wondering why you haven’t achieved the big goals for yourself that you know you are capable of; this is the book for you. 

Personal branding isn’t just for celebrities and public figures. It’s a valuable self-discovery tool to help you define what drives you, uncover what’s holding you back, and learn the tools to clearly and confidently communicate who you are in any situation.
In The Personal Brand Project you’ll learn:

  • How to uncover your passion (yes, it’s possible!) 
  • How to define your genius zone (yup, you have one.) 
  • What’s holding you back (it might not be what you think.)
  • Your authentic style (along with simple tricks to show up confidently every day.) 

This book is a mix of proven business marketing practices and self-discovery tools to help you create the career and life you’re dreaming about; all while showing up with authentic, magnetic confidence every day. 

Signature Brand Programs

Create and Launch Your Brand

This is the perfect option for new products, services, or public figures. You have your genius offer but you need help defining how you will sell it to your audience as well as a plan to get you there.

Branding and marketing not your thing? I’ve got you covered. I will help you clearly define your visual brand, and your brand story. Then I’ll get to work in creating an actionable plan with clearly defined steps to help you launch your offer with confidence.

Enhance Your Brand

If you are looking to refresh, grow, or protect your brand this is the program for you.

Are the new challenges that come along with success keeping you up at night? You’re not alone, I’m here to help. I know you’ve been hustling and as a result you’ve achieved some success in the marketplace. Now it’s time to take your brand to the next level; and you need someone you can trust to help you scale your brand alongside your business.

Branding for Career and Personal Growth

Do you have big plans for your future but you’re feeling stuck when it comes to putting them into action? I’ve been there, and I’m here to help.

This program is for anyone looking for clarity on their purpose, goals, image, or overall brand. I give you the tools to clearly define who you are and what you want, along with a step-by-step plan to help you get there. Change is hard enough; I’ve got solutions that make it easier.

Program Fees

I’m committed to personalized solutions that address your unique needs. I believe in transparent pricing. Let’s chat! Pricing is provided on request.

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