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How to Manage Your Brand for Success at Work Right Now

Don’t wait until things “go back to normal” to think about your career growth. If you spent time and energy thinking about your career before the pandemic hit, now is not the time to press pause. Here are a few simple things you can do (from home) to make sure you’re future proofing your personal brand, even if you’re just trying to get through another day.


You Can’t Sell It Unless You’ve Defined It

Whether you’re trying to keep your business afloat, or you’re scrambling to find a new job or side hustle, it’s important now more than ever that you stay focused on your brand so that you can clearly communicate what sets you apart.


Brand Building is All About Brand Benefits – Here’s How to Define Yours

Taking the time to define your brand benefits is key to your future success. I share some tips to help you define your unique brand benefits in this post.


Building a new business or career? Start with this branding basic.

When you’re building a brand you need to start with your brand essence. I share some actionable tips to help you get started in today’s post.


Managing Your Brand in a Crisis – Here’s What to Start, Stop, and Continue

During a disruptive event like the coronavirus it can be difficult to balance immediate, needs-based marketing to your customers versus the longer-term proposition of growing your brand. When faced with a crisis, it is important to balance timely communications and relevant marketing with your regularly planned brand programs. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from business owners wanting to know what appropriate marketing … Read More Managing Your Brand in a Crisis – Here’s What to Start, Stop, and Continue


Managing Your Personal Brand in Times of Uncertainty

It doesn’t matter if you are a public figure, executive, or a professional, your personal brand matters right now more than ever. I think we can all agree that the events of the past few weeks have put many of us on a roller coaster of emotions. We are all feeling the effects of COVID-19 and while much is still unknown about the virus, … Read More Managing Your Personal Brand in Times of Uncertainty

Steal my favorite secrets to managing my brand and living a life that I love.


Personal branding is good business

Every one of your employees has the power to build your brand or destroy it. Read why I think organizations should be more focused on personal branding for their employees.

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