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Aligning Corporate Sales and Marketing Programs with Employee’s Personal Brands

Many organizations are spending millions of dollars on marketing, sales and employee engagement programs but are operating in silos that cause confusion for employees. Although organizations are investing money in these programs they are falling short on training their front line employees to understand what the company stands for, the value of its brand, and how they as employees should both communicate these messages to prospects and clients, and how they should align their personal brands with the organization’s brand.

I see many companies make the mistake of telling their employees what their brand message is, but they fail to take the extra step to ensure that their public facing employees can communicate this message themselves. Marketing and sales messages are most effective when an individual can not only deliver it but understands it enough that he or she exemplifies it through his or her own image, communication skills and behavior.

This workshop is an interactive blend of brand education and personalized coaching to align the organization’s marketing and sales programs with the employee’s individual interests. In this workshop employees will learn:

  • What a personal brand is and why it is important
  • Actionable steps to create a personal brand marketing plan
  • How to align their personal brand with their organization’s branding efforts

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Manage Your Personal Brand Like You Manage Your Business

Attendees will learn how to create and manage an authentic personal brand. Utilizing proven brand building tactics from corporate marketing, in this workshop attendees will learn how to use brand marketing best practices to create and manage their unique personal brands.

In this interactive workshop attendees will learn how to:

  • Align their personal brand with business goals
  • Create a unique value proposition for their brand
  • Understand how others perceive them, and resolve misperceptions
  • Communicate an authentic personal brand through image, behavior and communication style

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The Power of Personal Branding for Sales Teams

Marketing and sales teams often overlook the value of communication skills in the sales process. Relationship building and compelling messaging will get you in the door for a sales call, it is how you deliver the message and create a memorable dialogue with your prospect that will win the business. Even the best marketing message will fall flat if you don’t understand the best way to deliver the message for your individual audience. Effective sales communications are an artful blend of message and delivery.

Through our training sessions clients will learn:

  • How to align individual client need with the marketing message
  • How to use active listening to deliver your message
  • The power of using your image to tell your brand story
  • How to demonstrate differentiation from the competition

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